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Talficer Chess Club


Join our online chess class to enhance your skills and strategy. Expert instructors, interactive lessons, and practice matches will help you master the game from the comfort of your home.

Talficer Chess Club


Elevate your chess game with our offline chess class. Learn from skilled instructors, engage in practical exercises, and enjoy face-to-face interactions with your expert trainer to enhance your playing abilities and strategic thinking.



Mental Stimulation and Cognitive Development

Strategic Thinking and Planning Skills

Improved Decision-Making Skills

Improved Problem-Solving Abilities

Strengthened Analytical and Logical Thinking

Improved Pattern Recognition Abilities

Enhanced Problem Anticipation and Prevention

Improved Time Management Skills

Increased Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

Enhanced Critical Thinking Skills

Trained Students

Class Conducted

Years of Experience

Student Awards

Learn From The Best Trainer

Vishvanath Purohit, a chess trainer extraordinaire, possesses an unmatched mastery of the game. With his brilliant coaching, unwavering passion, and exceptional guidance, he transforms aspiring players into formidable chess champions.

8+ Year Experience

Trained 3000+ Students


FIDE Rating : 1409

Achievements of Students

Sachin Parmar

  • 7th Jaipuria National fest — GOLD
  • Stani memorial chess tournament 2018 — SILVER
  • Intercollegiate chess tournament 2019 — GOLD
  • Reprensented Rajasthan university in west-zone intercollegiate tournament Jaipur 2019

Varnit Dixit

  • Varnit dixit won Jaipur district U-11 open chess championship 2022
  • Stood 5th U-11 state chess championship 2022, udaipur.
  • Stood 4th in U-13 district chess championship, jaipur

Manas Dhabhai

  • Rajasthan Intercollegiate 2021- Bronze
  • Ninth national sports meet 2022-gold
  • Apex University championship 2022-gold
  • JECRC SPHOORTIE championship 2022- gold
  • Rajasthan collegiate 2022 – silver

Shreshthi Bhandhari

  • Scored 5/6 points in west zone of CBSE interschool sports and games competition and supported team to secured 2nd place in 2019-20 Surat, Gujrat.
  • Represented Rajasthan in Nationals of CBSE interschool sports and games competition in 2019-20 Delhi
  • Stood 4th in U-13 district chess championship, jaipur

Suresh Kumaran Nair

My 6 year old son has been learning chess from Vishwanath sir for 6 months now .Mr Vishwanath is very good at teaching young kids as they require a lot of patience and lose focus very quickly. He makes learning chess a fun activity which is why my son developed the interest of playing chess.I highly recommend him and his classes.

Rashmi Srivastava

Talficer coaches are very dedicated and skilled coach. The best point is that they have increased Pragy's interest in chess multifold. They teach the concepts in so kids friendly manner that kids love it.

Bhanu Prakash Bommakanti

Talficer Coaches are hard working and result oriented coaches who make chess interesting for kids. Thanks for their efforts. Highly recommend for passionate chess players!

Debadrita Ghosh

Talficer is a very lively place for people to not just learn Chess but enjoy it! Drishtee had almost lost interest in Chess before we decided to shift her to Talficer. Since then we find it difficult to make her focus on anything else but Chess!

Jayvibhav sanganakal

My 16yr old child had great fun whilst learning his chess. They are very patient, keen, friendly with children and thorough professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kids are super curious and they learn things really fast. It's important to always support their curiosity and love for learning. When they start their educational journey around the ages of 4 to 5, this period is the perfect time to introduce chess into their learning process

It's recommended to give your child at least 3 months of consistent practice and training so that they're ready for tournaments. This allows them to build a strong foundation and gain confidence in their skills.

When the tournament brochure becomes available, registrations can be done through the club. Club keeps an eagle eye for the tournament details and registration instructions in the brochure.

Absolutely, chess can significantly aid in studies. It enhances confidence, critical thinking, concentration, and problem-solving skills, fostering a positive impact on academic performance

Chess rating, like an international FIDE rating, is attained by participating in FIDE-rated tournaments and meeting specific rating criteria. Engaging in such tournaments and fulfilling requirements lead to achieving a rating.